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A Fortune Teller Told Me ...

I was waving burning sage around to ward off mosquitoes when a man from the campsite next to mine walked over,
not because he thought I was a modern shaman but because we’d both camped out west where sage is commonly found, just like Blueberries in Maine, where we were both camping this night. 
He and his wife were retired school teachers. They told me about their journey,  I told them about #MYLE. 
“Does it bother you? Not knowing where you’re staying the next night?” 
“Sometimes,” I replied. "But so far, hardly at all." Greetings from #MYLE At the moment, I’m in a Comfort Inn somewhere in New Hampshire propped up on pillows, laptop eponymously located, catching up on work.
I care about three things in a hotel room: Decent Internet bandwidth.A room close to the exit andA front desk person who doesn’t bellow my room number loud enough for people in the parking lot to hear it.
This place got two out of three. 
The uncertainty of any trip is almost always offset by some discover…

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