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Judy Blume vs. Thin Thighs in 30 Days.

Last spring I was hiking on my favorite pass in Colorado.

I happened to be wearing a jacket with a "USA" patch on the front.

(Bought on sale at the Nike outlet. Most definitely not bestowed by any Olympic affiliated organization, though it looked like it could have been.)

Walking toward me on the path, a friendly tourist looked at my "USA" jacket and said,

"Are you on the US Bobsledding team? Wow! Look at those legs!" 

"I wish!" I said. Imagining a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike (or maybe Thigh Master. ) Honestly, I was flattered.

Fitness is valued over thinness in Colorado, and thankfully many other places, these days.

"Look at those thighs!" was said with admiration and friendliness on a sunny morning on a gorgeous mountain top. I was not the least bit offended.

But when I was a kid? I probably would've been crushed.

Growing up, we'd go to the beach for a week every summer.  

Days were all the same:  playing in the surf and bakin…

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