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Will you pass the jury test?

"Noooooooooo!!!!" I thought, "I don't want to do this!!"  Jury Duty. Ugh. I was loathe to go, but I'm glad I did because the judge shared something with me and all the prospective jurors I'll never, ever forget. I want to share it with you.  What verdict would a jury deliver on you and your career?  Sitting in the modern courtroom, under fluorescent lights, a mix of about 70 men and women waited. Each there only because it's illegal not to appear, and each silently hoping they would not be chosen. (I certainly was.) A 60-ish, male judge entered the courtroom through a narrow door that opened directly onto his raised "bench." He had salt and pepper hair and was as good looking as a movie star, (I kid you not.)  
He situated himself in his chair and said:  "We send out 250 Summons to get 75 people to show up for jury duty. The state spends $1 million each year in postage to accomplish that.   One third have moved out of the state, a thir…

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