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Five strategic career moves to make right now (that will pay off for years.)

Imagine you're meeting with your wise, benevolent mentor to talk over next steps in your career. In this market, this is what they'd tell you:Now is the right time to make a bold move up, pass through doors that were closed (and locked) not long ago and will close again soon (more on this in a moment.)
First, a story. A guy I know attended college at a middle-of-nowhere university you never heard of. His school's claim to fame was that big-name bands of the day, Fleetwood Mac, for example, would come to "test" their road shows before going out on tour. He worked at the university's concert hall, so he met the all the managers, agents and artists as they came through. One day, a manager for one of the acts gave him a card and said, "Call me when you graduate." He made the call and it made his career. He's managed shows for Pink and Cher and countless others and he's a regular at the Grammy's. You wouldn't know his name, but he's ha…

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